How To Stay Healthy In The Heatwave

While the hot and sunny weather that much of the UK has been experiencing over recent weeks is welcomed by some, others are finding it more of a challenge.

For elderly people, it can be difficult to cope in the heat, and one news provider has offered some advice on how to stay healthy as the country continues to bask in the heatwave.

Isle of Wight Radio highlighted some of the advice being offered by Age UK Isle of Wight. Mark O’Sullivan, who is the leader of the island’s Good Neighbour Scheme for the charity, said that it’s important to make sure people are “mindful that they do need to take special measures in the hot weather”.

Making sure you’re regularly drinking water is always a good idea in hot weather. But Mr O’Sullivan also recommended avoiding alcohol, tea and coffee, as all of these beverages can make dehydration worse.

Another top tip is to eat salads and fruits that have been kept in the fridge. Not only does that make them cool, but as they also contain water they can help you stay hydrated. It’s also sensible to avoid any strenuous outdoor activity and to make sure you’re indoors between 11am and 3pm, he noted.

Mr O’Sullivan also highlighted some of the signs you should look out for that indicate your body is struggling with the heat. The include feeling weak or mildly confused, and getting cramp in your legs, arms, and/or stomach.

Although temperatures have cooled slightly in recent days, the Met Office is predicting that sweltering temperatures of 30 degrees C will return by the end of July and continue into August.