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Probate is made up of two parts: attaining the proper legal documents (like a grant of probate or letters of administration) and settling the estate in accordance with your loved one’s last wishes.

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At Legacy Wills & Probate, we’re dedicated to helping people like you get through the probate process, and preserving as much of the deceased’s estate as possible. For professional, legal support, get in touch with our Probate solicitors below.

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We’ve all wondered how our estate will be divided amongst our loved ones after we’re gone. Estate management may seem like a daunting issue, especially if a property is involved, which often accounts for a substantial portion of personal wealth.

Our Newcastle probate solicitors are authorised to manage the complex estate administration process and ensure that your property is transferred to the rightful heirs. What’s more, if you’re a relative, civil partner, or a close friend of the deceased, our solicitors can help you through probate and estate administration.

Our probate solicitor can assist clients when life insurance coverage is complicating, money is owed by the deceased person, or if there is no valid will. If you have any questions about estate administration matters, don’t think twice to call our probate department in Newcastle. Our estate planning solicitors will gladly go over the probate application fee and any other additional charges with you.

What Will Legacy Wills & Probate Do For Me?

We provide comprehensive services in the North East from start to finish, including drafting wills, conveyancing, administration, and conflict resolution.

Our wills and probate solicitors work hard to make the full process as simple as possible for all our clients. For example, if the person’s estate has any outstanding issues, a specialist solicitor can deal with these on your behalf by contacting third parties who are involved in probate. This includes reaching out to insurance companies, mortgage providers, or other organisations dealing with the estate.

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Peace Of Mind

After you’ve lost a loved one, it’s more important than ever that you take the time to grieve and look after your mental health. At Legacy Wills and Probate, we can provide a complete range of legal services to take the pressure off your shoulders.

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Being With Your Family

Instead of worrying about probate, with endless back and forth between yourself and HMRC, you’ll be able to spend time with your family and loved ones, giving you the time and space to recover from the bereavement.

Spending Your Time Well

Our experienced, sympathetic team will take care of everything for you. That means no stress about HMRC or inheritance tax and, instead, focusing on overcoming your grief and spending your time well.

Probate & The Care Act

In England, the 2014 Care Act is a piece of legislation that brings all previous social care laws under one term. This mainly affects people who use social care services and those who are likely to do so in the future (such as individuals who pay for their own care).

If you have any questions about how the Care Act law affects you and your loved one, contact us on 0191 303 6103 to talk to a probate expert in Newcastle.

Top questions about applying for probate

Probate is the legal procedure of settling a person’s estate after his or her death, in which all claims are resolved and assets are divided among the rightful beneficiaries. It is usually a complex and time-consuming process, so it’s important to find the right probate solicitor to help you through it.

If you are named as executor of a will, there are numerous things to think about when determining whether or not you need to apply for probate. Find out more by contacting our Newcastle probate solicitors.

In the UK, the executor is responsible for applying for probate and administering the estate. However, if there is no will in place, this responsibility falls onto the next of kin.

The process of applying for probate can be complicated, so it is advisable to seek support from professional executor services like ours. Here at our leading firm, we will guide you through every step; from filling out paperwork and writing letters of administration to ensuring all taxes are paid.

In general, probate is only required by law when the estate (or sum of money and assets left behind) value reaches or exceeds the threshold of £5,000. This means that any estate with a value less than £5,000 does not need to be probated.

Other instances where a will might not need probate is if:

  • All of the assets are jointly owned
  • All of the assets are held in trust
  • There is no real estate involved

Instances where probate might be required include:

  • If the estate is worth more than £5,000
  • If they did not have a joint owner or beneficiary named on their accounts
  • If they owned real estate in their name only

If you’re not sure whether you need probate, it’s a good idea to consult with a solicitor. Our Newcastle office provides personalised legal advice regarding wills. Contact us immediately if you require bespoke legal advice on will writing in the Newcastle area.

The time it takes for probate to be granted depends on the estate’s size and complexity. Probate can take a year or more, but most properties are settled 6-12 months after going through probate.

There is no set limit in the UK at this time, with the bank or building society determining the threshold instead. Don’t hesitate to contact our probate solicitors if you’re concerned about income tax or how the estate tax threshold may affect the assets and property you stand to inherit.

Letters of administration are given to those who qualify under intestacy rules if a person dies without creating a will. In contrast, executors are given probate if there is a will.

Yes, a death certificate is required by law, but an interim one will suffice if you haven’t received it yet. If you’re having trouble obtaining a copy of your loved one’s certificate, our Newcastle lawyers can assist you. We realise this is difficult and will do everything we can to make the process as simple as possible for you.

If you are wondering if inheritance tax must be paid before probate can be granted, the answer is yes. Inheritance tax typically needs to be paid within six months of a person’s death, and if it has not been already paid, HMRC will charge interest on the unpaid taxes.

It is important to pay inheritance tax in a timely manner as letting it accrue may reduce your inheritance or come out of your personal account through interest payments.

If you have any questions regarding estate planning or other legal concerns, do not hesitate to contact our experienced wills solicitors in Newcastle for support.

If an estate is over the inheritance tax threshold, it is almost always the responsibility of the deceased, not their beneficiaries. However, any income generated from property or assets inherited by heirs may be included in probate fees.

Additionally, taxes might also be associated with probate costs in complex circumstances and would fall on the shoulders of beneficiaries. If you are unsure whether you are responsible for paying taxes, get free consultations with our legal team in Newcastle today.

A probate grant must be obtained in order to access your loved one’s estate. This is required by financial institutions like building societies and banks so that they know the money is going to the right person.

The grant of probate can be requested by anyone named in the will, such as close friends, civil partners, or surviving spouses.

Probate fees are calculated based on the size of the estate in question. If you are dealing with a large estate, you can expect more complicated tax forms and higher fees.

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Legacy Wills and Probate can assist you with arranging for letters of administration and probate in Newcastle and elsewhere in the UK.

We offer four professional services:

  1. Determine if probate is needed – it may not be required if the person’s estate is less than £5,000 in value or if most assets were held jointly.
  2. Add up the value of all assets in the estate, including property, savings accounts, stocks and investments.
  3. We can help you apply for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, taking care of all the necessary tax documentation. The waiting period for receiving a Grant of Probate can vary depending on the complexity and size of the estate, but it typically takes 3 to 6 months.
  4. The final stage in the process is distributing the estate to those indicated in the will, managing any properties owned by the person who has died, and paying taxes that are due. You must also keep HMRC updated on your progress throughout this stage.

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