Aretha Franklin ‘Had Three Wills’

If you are wondering whether it’s worth getting bloodline planning advice and assistance in getting your affairs in order, what’s happening within Aretha Franklin’s family is a good example of why you should always make a clear Will.

The singer died last year of pancreatic cancer and, initially, her family and representatives didn’t believe she’d left a Will. However, three handwritten Wills have now been discovered in her home.

But this is unlikely to help her family solve their disputes. Lawyer David Bennett, who had worked for Franklin for over 40 years, discovered two Wills dated 2010 in a locked cabinet, and a third Will dated 2014 in a spiral notebook under a cushion cover. He’s filed all three with the courts and told the judge he was unsure if they were legal under Michigan law.

Among the issues with the handwritten Wills are that some parts are difficult to decipher and there are additional notes in the margins, it’s been reported. Two of Franklin’s four sons have objected to the Wills that have been found in her former home.

It’s likely that the case of Ms Franklin’s estate will be very contentious, with so many differing views within the family.

Making a clear and legal Will with a professional is the best way to avoid any ambiguity over your wishes when you pass away. Carrying out estate planning can also help with tax mitigation and ensure that your heirs get what they’re entitled to.

One thing you might want to consider is leaving a gift to a charity in your Will. Recent research by Remember A Charity found that more people over the age of 40 are prepared to leave a gift to a charitable cause when they die than they were 11 years ago, Third Sector reported.